10 best things to do in Abu Dhabi

6 min readNov 14, 2018

Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates is a well-decorated industrious city located at the waterside location. Most people probably think that Dubai is the only place to visit in the Middle East. But the capital city of UAE which is located 90-minutes’ drive from Dubai is famous for its ever-popular theme parks, water parks, and the most impressive mosque.

The city of Abu Dhabi boasts a number of breath-taking attractions which you should not miss if you are planning to travel UAE. Your trip to Abu Dhabi will be complementary to your Dubai trip as there are many unusual attractions in Abu Dhabi which you cannot afford to miss. Starting from futuristic architectures to cultural places, Abu Dhabi maintains a sheer balance between the contemporary Arabian culture and the modern Emirati culture of UAE. Following are the lists of top attractions of Abu Dhabi that you must visit in your trip to UAE.

1. Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Don’t miss the opportunity to take an adventure in the Desert. Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is for all. Starting from super-adventurous activities of dune buggies or sand boarding to fun activities like camel riding, henna painting, you can participate in ample activities. Trust us, desert sunset and the desert sunrise are the things that you must see if you are in Abu Dhabi. Go for Overnight desert safari and there you can enjoy BBQ dinner, belly dancing, tanoura dancing, sunset, camel riding, sand boarding, etc.

Cost: AED 189 (Pass Package)

2. Ferrari World

If you are a die-hard fan of Ferrari Brand and want to brag the rights of riding the fastest roller coaster of the world, then head towards Ferrari World. The temple of torque Ferrari World is the place where you can get the authentic F1 experience at its high-speed rides and slides. As a perfect family entertainment destination in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World has something for all.

Time of Visit: 11 AM to 8 AM

Location: Abu Dhabi

Cost: AED 295 (Standard pass) AED 445 (Premium Pass)

3. Yas Water World

Yas Water World, the most popular water park in Abu Dhabi is something that you must visit. Feel refresh while visiting the park as Yas Water World has more than 40 super thrilling rides for people of all ages. It is the largest water park in Abu Dhabi where you will get sumptuous dining options as well as exciting rides and slides.

Time of Visit: 10 AM to 6 PM

Location: Abu Dhabi

Cost: AED 208 (Standard Pass), AED 375 (Premium Pass)

4. Warner Bros. World

Being the largest indoor theme park of Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros. World will surely help you in recalling your past while getting a chance to meet your favorite Warner Bros. characters under a single roof. You will find various themed zones such as Metropolis, Gotham City, Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Warner Bros. Plaza, Dynamite Gulch. Now interact with characters like Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, Wilma, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many more t the themed zones. Imagine how you and your kids will enjoy in the park!

Time of Visit: 10 AM to 8 PM

Location: Al Falah Rd — Abu Dhabi

Cost: AED 295 (Standard pass) AED 445 (Premium Pass)

5. Louvre Museum

Another epic attraction which has recently opened its doors in 2017, Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is a place that would definitely come into your itinerary of Abu Dhabi. The jaw-dropping architecture of Louvre Abu Dhabi is really inspiring. A place absolutely for the art lovers where they will definitely overwhelm by the design and the striking architecture of the epic sculpture. Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi with your family and mesmerize Arabian culture at its best.

Time of Visit: 10 AM to 8 PM

Location: Saadiyat Cultural District, Saadiyat Island — Abu Dhabi

Cost: AED 72

6. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the city of Abu Dhabi is rising majestically with its wonderful manicured gardens which is visible from the four bridges joining the mainland and the Abu Dhabi island. The mosque’s presence is just like the impressive welcome to the city. Every inch of the sculpture is admirable as you will find jaw-dropping marble works decorated with precious stones.

Time of Visit: 9 AM to 2 PM

Location: Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed St — Abu Dhabi

7. High Tea at Emirates Palace

If the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building vertically, then Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is the widest with its audacious domed epitome gatehouses. There are a total of 114 domes and a private beach inside the Emirates Palace which is 1.3 km Long. What could be more luxurious than having a High tea at the Palace? Indulge yourself in the finest hospitality and the selective food items of the Emirates Palace.

Location: West Corniche Road

Cost: AED 465 to AED 803

8. Abu Dhabi City Tour

An easy way to cover the most popular places of Abu Dhabi is none other than Abu Dhabi City Tour. The profound city characterized by impressive skylines, cultural places, amusement parks, museums, luxurious restaurants. Your Abu Dhabi City Tour includes sightseeing of Presidential Palace, Al Hosn Palace, Heritage Village, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi dates Market, etc.

Cost: AED 109 (Pass Package) AED 207 (Lunch included)

9. Seaplane tour Abu Dhabi (30 minutes)

Have you ever thought that you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the city of Abu Dhabi with a seaplane ride? Seaplane tour Abu Dhabi is a perfect way of admiring the picturesque coastline, waterfront skyscrapers, lofty beaches, and the exquisite Arabian Desert. The most adventurous part of Seaplane tour Abu Dhabi is taking off the flight from the surface of the water.

Cost: AED 1077

10. Al Ain City Tour

Al Ain City is a place of hot springs, archaeological park and garden, museum and many more. The land of most extravagant landscapes, stunning boulevards, Al Ain City has Al Ain National Museum, Al Jahili Fort, Jebel Hafeet Mountain, Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain Mall, Al Ain National heritage, etc. Your Al Ain City Tour will cover all these attractions where you will get the authentic Arabian culture at its epitome.

Place: Al Ain City

Cost: AED 1490 to AED 3430 (city tour)

Well, the list of the places to visit in Abu Dhabi doesn’t end here. There are way more places to visit in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. With its incredible attractions, Abu Dhabi never fails to entertain its visitors. If you want to explore UAE at its best, then Abu Dhabi is the perfect city where you can engulf the cultural experiences and adventurous experiences at the same while having a blast. Are you excited to book the popular attractions in Abu Dhabi? With Tripx Tours, you can get popular UAE attractions at a reasonable price. Explore more at https://www.tripxtours.com/explore-dubai-attraction




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