Often known as the city of dreams, Dubai is unlike any other place in the world. A place that used to be a desert that had fishing and pearl diving as the main sources of income has risen to one of the richest parts of the world. The development here is simply amazing and that’s the reason it is called the city of superlatives! Want to know a little more about this city? Read on! This article lists ten facts we bet you didn’t know about Dubai which is bound to fascinate you!

  1. Crane Capital

During the times of the construction boom of Dubai, almost 20% of the world’s cranes were situated in this country. So you can easily say that every one out of four cranes in the world will be found in this grand city!

  1. You can fill twice the volume of the Empire state building using the sand on which Palm Jumeirah is built!

One of the largest man-made lands in the world, the Palm Jumeirah never ceases to amaze people with both its aerial and ground view. However, did you know that it is built on so much sand that it could be called equivalent to twice the size of the empire state building?!

  1. The Dubai Police automobiles top in terms of style

Ever known a police force to use a Lamborghini to chase the bad guys? Wait till you meet the superheroes of Dubai. With different supercars on the roads, the law enforces keep up in style with fast rides like the Ferrari FF, Aston Martin & Lamborghini Aventador!

  1. The Gold used in Burj Al Arab can be used to cover the Mona Lisa about 50000 times!

One of the most luxurious hotels in the world and also one of the tallest hotels of the world, uses a lot of gold as part of their décor! Specifically, a design of a leaf is created in 22-carat gold and incorporated on the interior theme. If you collect all of this gold used in the hotel, you could actually cover the infamous Mona Lisa painting 46,265 times over!

  1. Dubai uses Robots to conduct camel racing!

How much more surprising can this city get?! Camel racing has been a part of Arab history and culture and is conducted regularly in the Gulf. However, due to the need for speed for the camels, lightweight riders were used as part of the race. In most cases, this would be a child who would be put at risk as he rides the camels in the rapid race. As Dubai is a city that holds its traditions close by is equally modern, they have decided to carry on the tradition with a great innovation! Here, children are replaced by specifically designed robots! This has not only preserved the tradition but has also piqued a lot more interest from the crowds!

  1. Ramadan fasting lasts longer if you’re on the top of Burj Khalifa!

Ramadan is the holy month were people fast from dawn to dusk and break their fast after the sun sets. A well honored and beautiful tradition that is respected in Dubai, people gather close to their place of worship and break their fast together after their prayers. is so tall that the sun sets two minutes later here! As the concept of ending the fast relays on the sun, if you are up above you will have to wait two minutes more to break your fast!

  1. Dubai has 85% of its population as non-Emiratis!

Dubai is a melting pot of mixed cultures and there is no better statistics to prove this that to take a count of the Emiratis or Indigenous people of Dubai settled here! With around 85% of the population being expats, only a rough 15% of Dubai’s population is made up of Emiratis! If this doesn’t prove their grand gesture of hospitality, nothing will!

  1. Dubai is the city of gold (Literally!)

It is common knowledge to tourists that gold is priced differently in Dubai and is also of better quality, craftsmanship, and luster! But did you know that this city has a vending machine for gold bars? A statistics even showed that all the gold trade made in Dubai in the year 2013 weighed more than 350 elephants placed together!

  1. You can find almost anything from a vending machine here!

As we just mentioned, Dubai is an out worldly city that dispenses gold from vending machines! Unbelievable? Wait till you hear the rest. Head over to the Times Square mall and you can be awed further and watch people purchase a camera, laptop or the phone from a vending machine! These machines are connected to the network and the prices are updated accordingly.

  1. Burj Khalifa was originally called Burj Dubai!

was initially named as Burj Dubai which translates into Dubai tower! However, during the construction stage, Dubai had faced a deep financial hurdle and was helped out by its neighboring state, Abu Dhabi and its Emir, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. To shower their gratitude to Abu Dhabi in a lavish manner, the tower was renamed in honor of the Abu Dhabi Emir as Burj Khalifa!

We hope you had fun reading about all the crazy fun facts about Dubai we bet you didn’t know before! Make sure you pay a visit to this amazing city and , explore and grab the best Dubai attraction deals during your trip! Keep traveling and explore with !



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