12 Must visit Dubai Attractions for 2018

Dubai Attraction 2018

There is always something new happening in the city of Dubai. Dubai city has always been the top choice of the visitors irrespective of ages as the city has endless options of entertainment to offer. Just when you will think, you have seen all the attractions, Dubai will come out with dazzling attractions to explore. Day by day it seems like the world’s appetite for the tallest, fastest, and newest additions to Dubai is insatiable.

You will get a bubbling energy in the city, as Dubai has a plethora of attractions of vivid genres. As the festive season is knocking your door, which signifies the beginning of the peak season in Dubai. From October to April, when the climate is gradually cooling down, Dubai offers countless scopes for action on land, air and sea. The scorching heat of the sun has deemed down and evening of Dubai is bestowed by the gentle breeze. Well, isn’t it the perfect time to plan your vacation in Dubai? However, to create your plan a bit easier, we have listed down a few amazing attractions which will definitely spellbind you with its grandeur.

1. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Situated in the Zabeel Park, Dubai Frame is a stunning piece of architecture that connects the past as well as the present of Dubai while showcasing New Dubai and Old Dubai. Dubai Frame is considered as the newest attraction in Dubai which has a one-of-a-kind structure that portrays the biggest picture frame in the world. Get the 360-degree view of the Dubai City from the 93 meters connecting bridge of the Dubai Frame.

Venue: Zabeel Park, Dubai

Ticket Price: Entry Pass Package — For Adults AED 64, For Kids AED 27

2. Jumble

Jumble Dubai

Are you intended to challenge your friends for solving the maze of the one-of-a-kind Jumble Dubai? Revamp yourself and work together with your friends to solve the mental as well as physical challenges in the Jumble. Get the most unconventional gaming experience ever in your life while solving the maze at the world’s first indoor urban maze i.e. Jumble. Are you intrigued? So are we. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started to portray your puzzle and maze solving skills to your friends.

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Rd — Dubai

Ticket Price: 2 Hours Pass Package — For Adults and Kids AED 130

4 Hours Pass + Free Coffee at French Bakery Package — For Adults and Kids AED 167

3. Bounce


In the category of adrenaline rush sports, Bounce Dubai is offering the extreme adventurous activities along with hundreds of trampolines inside the Park. Being the biggest indoor trampoline park in Dubai, Bounce in Dubai is known for offering a wonderful airborne adrenaline rush with a gentle and soft landing. If you are seeking for ultimate thrill and adventure, Bounce Dubai will never disappoint you.

Venue: Building #32, 4B Street, Al Quoz 1 — Dubai

Ticket Price: The Entry Pass package — For Adults and kids AED 90

4. Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

At the Museum of Illusions, you will be get thrilled yet bewildered when you will be entering the fascinating world of illusions. Inside the Dubai Museum of Illusions at Al Seef, you will find more than 80 interactive exhibits which are meticulously designed for playing tricks on the brain. Museum of Illusions Dubai is known for providing incredible educational, visual and sensual journey to its visitors. Welcome to the Museum of Illusions where you can entertain your mind while tricking your eyes.

Venue: Al Seef — Dubai Creek — Dubai

Ticket Price: The Entry Pass Package — For Adults AED 80 and for child AED 60

5. Desert Dune Buggies Driving Experience

Desert Dune Buggies Driving Experience

This vacation, try a really exhilarating adventure driving among the dunes of the Arabian desert in the fully-automatic, latest four-seater Dune buggies. If you want to have the super thrill and adventure in Dubai, then Desert Dune Buggies Driving experience is for you. You will be guided by a professional safari guide while you are driving. Roll the lofty sand dunes in the desert with your friends. With this unique desert driving experience, create unforgettable memories of your life.

Ticket Price: The Driving Pass Package — For adults and for kids AED 821

6. Flying Cup

Flying Cup

Flying Cup Dubai is an innovative food and entertainment concept which allows you to reach a new height while catching up in a dinner or lunch. Spend the evening, with this brand new concept of entertainment in Dubai while admiring the jaw-dropping beauty of the JBR beach, Palm Jumeirah, Ain Dubai along with a soft drink in your hand. If you are planning for a romantic date or a super adventurous evening, then Flying Cup Dubai is the ideal option.

Venue: Flying Cup, The JBR Beach, JBR

Ticket Price: Pass + Refreshment Package — For Adults AED 82, For Kids AED 62

7. Jet Pack

Jet Pack

Add an element of thrill and adventure to your Dubai trip with your 30 minutes Water Jetpack experience. Fly above the sea or walk in the water using the water jetpack. Jet Pack is one of the most popular water activities in Dubai which you can conduct without having previous experience. A professional instructor will be there to help you with diving in the sea water like a pro.

Ticket Price: The pass Package — For Kids and adults AED 300

8. IFly


Now you can experience the thrill of skydiving in an indoor and controlled environment in the iFly Dubai. iFly will definitely blow your mind as you will be live up to your dreams with the first double skydiving simulator in the world. If you are planning your trip to Dubai, then iFly is an attraction which you could not afford to miss as it is one of the best adventurous attractions in Dubai.

Venue: Third Floor, Play Nation Area, City Centre Mirdif Ghoroob, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

Ticket Price: Entry Pass Package — For Adults and Kids AED 189.

9. Orbi Dubai

Orbi Dubai

Do you want yourself involved in finding more details about our planet Earth? Then you should visit Orbi Dubai. Orbi Dubai successfully boasts the natural, multi-sensory history project from the Sega and BBC. Orbi Dubai is one of the indoor nature museums in Dubai. Now discover the mysteries of the planet earth with your family in Dubai.

Venue: 20 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd — Dubai

Ticket Price: Entry Pass package — For Adults and for kids AED 63

10. Penguin Encounter

Penguin Encounter

Ski Dubai is the perfect family entertainment destinations in Dubai which offer you ample entertainment options for adults as well as the kids. Penguin Encounter in Ski Dubai is the show which will introduce you to the King and Gentoo penguins. Get the opportunity to play with the friendly snow penguins only at Ski Dubai.

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Rd — Dubai

Ticket Price: The Experience Pass Package — For Adults and for kids AED 230

11. Romantic Desert Safari

Romantic Desert Safari

Have you ever thought that desert safari in Dubai can be romantic? Yes, now it is possible. With your spouse, you can spend the whole night in your overnight desert safari with unique entertainment options like henna applying, tattooing, dune bashing, belly dancing, tanoura dancing, sheesha smoking, camel riding. Create memorable moments with your spouse in the private Bedouin camp while having BBQ dinner of international cuisine only at Romantic Desert Safari.

Ticket Price:

Private Experience Package — AED 1,933

Private Experience Package — AED 3,866

Private Experience Package — AED 5,799

12. High Tea at Emirates Place

High Tea at Emirates Place

If you want luxury as well as leisure in your Dubai trip, then go for Afternoon High Tea at the Emirates Palace. This attraction is known for its uniqueness, innovation and elegance in the hospitality as well as the choice of snacks available with the high tea. Add a little bit royalty in your vacation in Dubai while visiting the Emirates Palace and embark the grandeur of the Royal afternoon tea affair at the Le Café.

Venue: West Corniche Road

Ticket Price:

Traditional Afternoon Tea Package — AED 465

Traditional Afternoon Tea + two glasses of brut bubbly Package — AED 659

Traditional Afternoon Tea + two glasses of Rose bubbly Package — AED 751

Royal Afternoon Tea Affair Package — AED 574

Royal Afternoon Tea Affair + two glasses of brut bubbly Package — AED 751

Royal Afternoon Tea Affair + two glasses of Rose bubbly Package — AED 803



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