13 Normal Things You Can’t-Do in Dubai Unless You Want to Get Arrested

6 min readAug 1, 2018


Being one of the most happening cities in the world, Dubai is the place which has something for all. There are many tourist destinations in Dubai that attract thousands of people every year to visit the place. You will find many things to explore in Dubai. Every country has its particular culture and you need to keep it in mind that the practices, traditions, culture, rituals which might not be familiar in Dubai.

If you have planned your Dubai tour, then you should be aware of certain things that are prohibited in Dubai. Dubai City has some unusual laws, which tourists are unaware of it and they may get arrested. It is certainly a better idea to gain a detailed insight into the customs and culture of Dubai before visiting the dynamic city.

Well, to start off, here is the list of 13 normal things that you can’t do in Dubai unless you want a mess or trouble in your most awaited vacation.

Here we go…

  1. Doing drugs in Public:

Doing drugs in public is not acceptable in Dubai. It is a big risk of doing recreational drugs as it may lead to serious consequences if you get caught by Dubai Police while you are doing Drug in public. Selling and importation of drugs in Dubai is strictly forbidden. Four years prison sentence is a minimum punishment. However, in the worst-case scenario, people have convicted death penalty.

2. Posting anything against UAE in social media:

Social media has been much prominent these days. You can post anything you want but be hurting other’s sentiments and culture is not justified. There are many restrictions in UAE. For instance, you cannot post any kind of religious content against Islam or any political views.

3. Disrespecting the culture and religion:

It is quite obvious that whenever you are visiting another country, you should be respectful of their culture, foods, behavior, and religion. If you are a tourist or you belong to the expats, you should respect the Emirati Culture. Any violation or disrespect towards the culture may lead to jail. If you are from Europe or North America, you will find a lot of difference in the culture and following that is the safest option.

4. Alcohol consumption in non-licensed place or public place

Drinking alcohol in non-licensed place or in a public area in Dubai is a big NO. If you are caught drunk outside, then the cops may arrest you and put you in jail. As long as you are drinking in hotels, pubs or restaurants which are licensed, you are safe.

5. Public Displays of Affection

Getting physically involved in public areas are not accepted in Dubai. PDA is strictly frowned upon. People of Dubai consider it as rude activity in public. You should be very careful whenever you are showing your affection to your closed ones in public areas of Dubai.

6. Photography without consent

You can take photographs anywhere in Dubai, but you must be wary about your clicks and theme of photography. As an amateur photographer, you should selectively take photographs in the city. You can’t take anyone’s picture without his or her permission. Do not forget to check the surroundings where there is a restriction in taking photographs.

7. Harassing women

Towards women, laws in Dubai are a little bit strict than any other country. You might think that you are talking casually, but it can lead to harassment. Be cautious and mindful about the space and behavior of the woman you are talking with.

8. Protesting in Public

You cannot gather large gatherings or protest in public in Dubai. It is illegal in conducting a gathering who aims at showing outrages and any kind of dissatisfaction.

9. Dressing Style:

As you know about the dress code of the women in Dubai, hence you cannot wear a bikini everywhere unless you are at the beach or at a pool party. You have to wear sensible clothes by avoiding the extra display of your body parts. Dubai is a traditional place and you need to be careful being too trendy and over the top fashion.

10. Mind your language:

Sometimes casually you are speaking vulgar and popular chodes with your friends or any people in Dubai in public. It may be offended for you. You have no other choice except being polite. We would like to inform you that speaking vulgar in public may lead to fines and some sort of punishment. Speaking against Islam is a big no in Dubai.

11. Eating in public places during Ramadan:

In Ramadan, people are fasting for the whole day. Munching and puffing away on the streets and other public places is considered disrespectful. However, you can eat in restaurants, pubs, hotels, etc. Ramadan is the holy month of the Islam and during Ramadan, you can only eat and drink in places where the foods and drinks are available.

12. Public dancing and singing:

Well, in many countries, it is common in singing and dancing in public places. However, you will be definitely amazed to know that these acts are extremely intolerable in Dubai. Playing loud music in public places is a punishable offense in Dubai.

Wrapping Up

Are you new in the city or planning for a Dubai Tour? Well, Go ahead. Despite the above restrictions, there are a lot of things to see in Dubai. Tourists from different parts of the world are coming to visit the dream city of Dubai. Some tourists are adventure freak, some are thrill lover and some are going for absolute retreat. Dubai City has attractions serving all kinds of visitors. Enjoy your Dubai holidays to your fullest while respecting the Emirati culture. There are a lot more things to explore in Dubai. For more updates, check our newsletter.




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