Dubai City Tour- Witness the top places to visit in Dubai 2020!

Why go for the Dubai City Tour?

How to choose the perfect tour for you?

Duration of the Tour

There are Dubai half day city tour and full-day city tours. You can pick the option according to the time you have. Also, see what places you wish to visit in a day. A half-day city tour is a good idea if you have less time as it might be a little hurried. If you have enough time, we recommend you to take the full day tour as you can explore the places properly.

Time of the Day

If you would like to see Dubai in the entirety then the day tour is ideal for you. You can book the day tour and night tour with completely different routes. Basically, if you would like to visit the museums and the mosques, you should choose the Day Tour. But, if you want to witness Dubai under the lights of thousand stars and the sparkling nightlife of the city then choose the Dubai Night Tour.

Guided Tour or Not

If you wish to get-on get-off according to your own choice and listen to the audio guides then the 24-hour pass or 48-hour pass might be a good option. If you have more time on your hands then you can buy the 7-day hop-on hop-off bus pass. Alternatively, if you wish the tour to be more structured, you can take a guided tour. It will have a set schedule and you can visit numerous attractions.

Outside Dubai or Within Dubai Limits

There are plenty of things that you can do in and around Dubai. But, if you would like to venture out of the city for a day or two you can try other city tours. You can explore places like Abu Dhabi, Musandam or Al Ain for a short trip.

Best Dubai City Tours for You!

Still, confused about which tour to choose? We have curated a list of some of the best city tours for you at the best prices. From the normal city tours to the combo offers, there are enough options for you to take your pick. All these tours will cover some of the top places to visit in Dubai 2020.

Dubai City Tours

We have picked the top 5 Dubai City Tours, most of which are bus tours. Sit comfortably on the bus and relax while you see some of the best tourist attractions in Dubai.

Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Night Tour

Dubai City Traditional Tour

Big Bus Tour

Wonder Bus Tour

Dubai City Sightseeing Tour

Combo Tours

Dubai City Tour and Burj Khalifa

Board a comfortable Dubai City Tour Bus and see some of the most iconic landmarks of the city of Dubai. Take a view of the most spectacular attractions such as Atlantis Hotel, Dubai Museum, Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, and Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Dubai City Tour And Desert Safari

With the Dubai City Tour, you will see some of the most spectacular attractions of Dubai like Dubai Creek, Al Fahadi Fort, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, and many more.

Tips for an amazing City Tour!

Book well in advance

As Dubai attracts the most number of tourists in the UAE, it might be difficult to buy a ticket for the Dubai City Tour at the nick of time. So, book in advance to any hassles and last-minute issues.

Confirm your pick up point

If you are opting to be picked up from one of the pick-up points then make sure you have confirmed the same. There are timings of pick-up for each point so double-check those so that you do not miss the bus! What a disappointment that would be?

Make use of Audio Guides

If the tour that you have chosen offers an audio guide. use it properly as it is a comprehensive guide to all the information on the attractions. Also, it comes in multiple languages so you will definitely find the language of your choice.


The Dubai City Tour can be combined with a host of attractions so choose a combo or curate one according to your needs. You can also contact our customer support and they will assist you.

Weather/ Time of the Day

There is no dearth of sunshine in Dubai and most occasions it is extremely hot so wear light cotton clothes and drink plenty of water! Also, use sunscreen to protect your skin. Alternatively, if it’s too hot you can explore the city at night with the Night City Tour!



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