La Perle By Dragone: An Unforgettable Experience

5 min readJan 17, 2020


Sparkling acrobats rising from the smoke, death-defying stunts, stunning singers, spectacular lighting and fabulous storytelling that will leave you wanting more. You can see all this and more at the La Perle Theatre Show in Dubai.

Brought to Dubai by the Al Habtoor Group, La Perle is brought to life by the critically acclaimed director Franco Dragone. He is renowned globally for his masterpieces like Celine Dion- A New Day, Le Rêve (Las Vegas) and The House of Dancing Water (Macau). La Perle is a splendid blend of immersive artistic performances, music, technology, and imagery.

The show is unique not only because it is performed in a city famous for its sandy deserts, sky-scraping buildings, and shopping malls, it is because this is the first resident show of its kind in Dubai. It is a show in Dubai depicting the essence of Dubai.

Is La Perle worth the hype? Let us find out.

La Perle- Story

The La Perle by Dragone story is as mesmerizing as the show itself. It is about a young girl who falls into a dream-like state and travels through the UAE in search of a lost pearl. During her journey, she comes across people from completely different worlds and cultures. Unlike other theatrical performances, the La Perle Theatre Show in Dubai is a modern masterpiece, the storyline is subjective to the audience’s imagination and understanding. It classifies the cultural diversity of the UAE.

La Perle-Performances

The La Perle performance fully does justice to the show’s popularity. From acrobats and motorcyclists who perform gravity-defying stunts, the show is a stunning spectacle. There are several instances where the performers will leave you gasping and fearing for their lives. For example, one such stunt is five motorists performing at lightning-fast speed in the Globe of Death. This sequence will leave you in awe of the performers. The show also cleverly incorporates the culture of the Middle East, with twirling dervishes adorned with illuminated dresses on a dark stage. The show also features Chinese Lion Dance which includes incredible leaps on elevated platforms.

Each segment of the story is taken forward by a mime, who performs flawlessly. The show also features vignettes that include breathtaking leaps, synchronized acrobatics, heart-stopping 25m dives into the pool in the center of the stage and much more. With the unique aqua theatre, the hypnotizing lights and the drama and theatricality of the performers, the show is bound to leave an everlasting impression on the mind of the audience.

The show is a 90-minute long bewitching spectacle and the cast comprises of 65 world-class performers from over 23 cultures.

La Perle-Venue and Stage

The La Perle venue is a tailor-made aqua theatre is one of its kind in the UAE. You will be amazed to know that the stage can flood with water and drain within seconds. The pool at the center of the stage has a capacity of 2.7 million liters of water, which is WOW! You can also see the cascading waterfalls on the stage that will take your breath away.

Everything present in the theatre is a projection screen including the seats, the floor, the walls and the dome of the building. There are 135 loudspeakers in the theatre creating a 360 degree sound experience. All these amazing features come together and make it possible for the venue to be converted from a rainforest to a throne room in a matter of seconds.

La Perle-Ticket Prices and Timings

The La Perle tickets price differs according to the proximity of the seats to the stage and some additional provisions.

The tickets are divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP.

La Perle Dubai Timing: 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

La Perle-Amenities

There are many amenities present at La Perle Al Habtoor City for a comfortable experience for the visitors. Some of these are:

  • On-site ticketing
  • Concierge services
  • On-site Wi-Fi
  • Taxi drop off and pick up points
  • An on-site medical team

In addition to these, you have access to over 20 bars and restaurants like Zoco, Namu, Level Seven, BQ-French Kitchen and Bar, Babiole and more. For the specially-abled, the theatre has special access. You will find the restrooms scattered all over the theatre with each block having a family restroom for the specially-abled visitors.

La Perle- Location

The La Perle location is not very hard to find. The La Perle is located in the Al Habtoor City, very near to Downtown Dubai on the popular Sheikh Zayed Road. The traffic on the road varies according to the time of the day. So, we recommend that you reach one hour to 45 minutes before the show starts.

La Perle-Parking

You will find the parking lot right in front of the La Perle by Dragone Dubai Show. You should always check the parking situation at the venue, so here it is:

Free Parking: You can use the complimentary self-parking for 3-hours. Follow the sign that says ‘Al Habtoor City Parking’.

Paid Parking: Paid parking services are available in the Safa park area adjacent to the theatre.

Valet Parking: If you would rather not search for a parking space yourself, you can always avail of the venue’s valet parking services. These are available at the theatre’s entrance for AED 50.

Valet services are complimentary for VIP ticket holders.

How to reach La Perle?

Metro- The Business Bay Metro Station on the Red Line is very close to La Perle. You can simply walk to La Perle from there with the help of the pedestrian walkway on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Bus- If you want to go to La Perle by bus, you can take the routes 15, 21, 29, 44, 8, C1, C18. All of these routes have stops very near to La Perle.

La Perle-Things to Know Before You Book

  • The show is not available on Sunday and Monday.
  • Children below 2 years are not permitted into La Perle Theatre.
  • You have to book the Early Bird Passes at least 7 days before your visit date.
  • The dress code is smart and casual.
  • You can take photographs but you cannot carry flashlights and laser pointers at the venue.
  • Arrive one hour before the show.
  • If you are late for the show, you can enter only during a suitable break. You might get different seats than the ones you booked.
  • The La Perle Show duration is 90 minutes.

The performers at the La Perle perform towards the front. So, we recommend that you try and book the front seats for the optimum experience.

La Perle Theatre Show in Dubai is designed in a way that captures the spirit of the UAE. It is a show that enthralls the adults and the children alike. So, if you are skeptical about booking your tickets, don’t be! It is a show that you should see if you are in Dubai.




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